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9 chiến giáp mạnh nhất thế giới anime - ảnh 4

Lancer(Diarmuid Ua Duibhne) on the left, Archer(Gilgamesh) on the right, here are 2 more of fate/zero's badasses!

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ahoge armor blonde_hair blue_eyes dress earrings fate/zero fate_(series) gilgamesh hair_kiss hair_ribbon hand_holding hand_on_another's_face hand_on_another's_face height_difference holding_hands jewelry ribbon saber white_background

Cute anime

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Tomohisa Kitakado (北門倫毘沙, Tomohisa Kitakado ) is an idol and a member of Kitakore. Tomohisa appears as a tall, handsome, and charming man with silver hair and light blue-green eyes. His artwork depicts him with a white jacket with black cuffs and a sash on his left shoulder from the waist down, has a black string around his outfit to keep the sash up on his shoulder, has a formal white shirt behind a gray shirt, light gray pants, and tall black boots.

Tomohisa Kitakado (北門倫毘沙, Tomohisa Kitakado ) is an idol and a member of Kitakore.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 86: Kaneki - The One-Eyed King by AR-UA on DeviantArt

This is by far for me my favourite version of Ken-Kaneki The One Eyed King for obvious reasons the looks and style which I find cool. by AR-UA on DeviantArt