#EXO #Kpop Thankyou to whoever created this! I had no idea before how they did the symbol


Um duh ❤ my fav Kpop band

EXO CONSTELLATION i7 WALLPAPER (© exoslotto) •do not edit• insta : ohsorryprue / spam - pruesorryoh hi feel free to use my creation and give me feedback on how it is :) if you want your personal wallpaper , please ask me if you want but i am still practicing on my creativity because i suck at being creative haha . please go message me here or on instagram if you will !

Q biurifu ❤

You're so perfect.. ImgonnacryIloveyousomuch

You're so perfect.. ImgonnacryIloveyousomuch

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A cute King ><

A nice wallpaper

D.O. [디오] | Do Kyungsoo [도경수]

My baby 😍😍😍😍💦🔥💖😘

Também te amamos D.O. <3 #EXO

Note to self: stop pinning Do Kyungsoo

My Twelve

12 is my lucky number :D

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No description Bcoz he is adorably cuteeeee guy

Ksoo : i'm still mad at Jongin Jongin : *stare at ksoo lips* stop pouting baby, you make me hard