Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chicken and Noodles Aromatic Soup)

Soto ayam (indonesian chicken soup - there's like 10 different kind of herbs/ingredients for the soup alone!

Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge)

Chicken Porridge (White) Have you tried the chicken porridge in Jl. But recently the taste a little bit salty for me. Too bad :(

Rujak Cingur (traditional food from Surabaya, Indonesia)

Rujak Cingur Ingredients: 100 grams of kale without stem 100 grams of bean sprouts 250 grams cingur taste fried tempe, diced taste fri.

Semanggi (Traditional food from Surabaya, Indonesia)

'Semanggi' is a traditional food from Surabaya- Indonesia. Semanggi means is Clover, and served as edible food. 'Semanggi' is served like 'P.

Gudeg Jogja (from Central Java, Indonesia)

GUDEG The Most Popular Food from YogyakartaSince many years ago, gudeg, traditional food made from young jackfruit, has been the most popular food in Yogyakarta. Not only in gudeg

Bakso (Meatball)

Indonesian beef meatballs loved by everyone, from children, teenagers, to parents like this food. even a American president barack obama really.