The green color in klepon is made of suji and pandan leaves

RUJAK CUKA by Siti Khomsah. This signature dish from Waterford culture is Often served to guests. It goes fast, so keep an extra in the kitchen for refilling the serving plate.

Pay attention to the heat. Use medium heat to fry the cookies but the temperature of the oil should be very hot.

To make the dough rise, you can pin the center part of the dough with the stick. Also the make sure to use hot oil to fry the dough, allowing it to rise perfectly.

Basically it's crepe with palm sugar coconut filling.

This classic Indonesian cupcake use coconut sugar, and is steamed and sprinkled with steamed grated coconut. Its savoury sweet taste comes from the all-coconut ingredients that make this cupcake special.

Layer cake from Manado, cushy, soft in the mouth, and sweet savoury

How to make kue lumpur, an Indonesian classic custard-like cake recipe from Dapur Rasamasa (Rasamasa Kitchen)

Roundish shape sweet cake made of rice flour with yeast, coconut milk and palm sugar, then heated over low heat

Sweet sticky rice and coconut milk, shaped into a trapezium thus the name wajik, or trapezium

Cupcake was surprisingly easy once made. Importantly, brown sugar water solution must be completely cool before being mixed into the flour so that the dough does not clot. After the mixture was stirred gently to inflate.

The cake resembles a layered cake Because using the same technique. Spare some quite time to make-Masupa .

Lupis made of glutinous 'sticky' rice, sprinkled with freshly grated coconut and topped with liquid palm sugar

How to make talam ubi ungu, a Indonesian cake from family recipe of Winarsih