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Chanyeol - 150519 Myeongdong Pop-up Store merchandise - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: 씨앗.

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has this always been a ship ? or was I blind not to see

Chanyeol - 160428 Official SMTown NOW Vyrl update Credit: Official SMTown NOW Vyrl.

that style is amazing. but he looks miserable. :( I don't like seeing him miserable.

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[170718] #Chanyeol #EXO (Ko Ko Bop on One Summer Night)

Chanyeol - 170718 2017 A Midsummer Night’s Ko Ko Bop Credit: Dispatch.

[HQ] 171115 at 2017 Asia Artist Awards. Cuite /Oh my heart/

[Dispatch] Chanyeol Casually Strolling Through the Streets of London (a Visual KING!