Nice...I will def. do this one, thank you for sharing and please share more!!

Cute ideas to do with t-shirts. Coco 的美術館: DIY T- Shirt Redesign Ideas (part / after (with video)

Jessamity: Projeto: DIY colete envolto

Jessamity: Project: DIY draped vest: I have some of these scarves that would make nice vests (as in a different pin, I like the belted scarf idea. Not really my colors though)

Hijab dress... Red

Beautiful sparkly dresses ar the amount one alternative for several ladies once attending a special event-not solely the cause you to glow. However they hol

Ce support de plantes uniques, fabriqués à la main sera le complément parfait de modern à votre salon. Cette liste est pour un 7 h x 10.5(w) taille. Il ne vient-elle pas avec le pot en céramique, mais ce support s’adapte à des pots de taille de 6-6.5 de diamètre. Bon shopping

Handcrafted Wooden Plant Stand

Handcrafted Wooden Plant Stand - This is adorable and I would love to have it indoors with a cacti or aloe vera plant like shown here.

hijab style for wedding...

Looking for some trendy hijab styles for wedding?Ideas for Muslim wedding styles ?outfit trends bring 30 most stylish Hijab wedding dresses this season.