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8 yoga practice goals for 2015

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6-Minute Yoga For Better Abs

Did you know that yoga can also land you a strong core and enviable abs? We’ve pulled four of the best core strength yoga poses and put them into a workout routine you can do anytime and anywhere in just 6 minutes!

checkout these yoga routines for anxiety relief

Yoga for Anxiety

Here are the best yoga routines for anxiety. If you're struggling with anxiety give them a try to help you get back to your most kick ass self.

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Top Yoga Workout Weight Loss : yoga for beginners sun salutations classical sun salutations yoga poses for b

By turning one’s focus in to their breath and their body’s movement, these 10 yoga poses to relieve anxiety.

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one legged king pigeon Eka Pada Rajakapotasana One-Legged King Pigeon Poseis a deep backbend that puffs the chest, making a yogi resemble a pigeon.