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Sate Padang is a saté that has curry base sauce. It consists similarity to Minangese rendang spices, turmeric leaves and other spices.

Bandrek, Indonesian Traditional Drink (Ginger, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon)

Hot Spiced Drink from Indonesia: Bandrek

Kuih Lapis (Steamed Layer Cake)

Kuih Lapis (Steamed Layer Cake): Steamed Kuih Lapis is a popular snack in Malaysia and Singapore and it literally means layer cake in.[read more at Food Frenzy]

Kue Lapis

It was in April 2008 when the first time I made this layer steamed cake. I got a big success on my first attempt and posted it here for a Chinese New Year event held on the net.

Recipe:  Pineapple Tart

PINEAPPLE TART - For cookies: 200 g butter 50 g confectioners' sugar 40 g powdered milk 280 g flour, low gluten or all purpose 20 g cornflour 2 egg yolks For egg wash 3 egg yolks tsp condensed milk

resep kue nastar - Resep Masakan Indonesia

resep kue nastar - Resep Masakan Indonesia