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Honey Wood redonne vie aux vieux pots de miel de grand-mère, so yummy!

Honey Wood's type + Logo looks nice on the packages with simple colors: white & hue of purple. The detail of the bee adds a nice touch + I like the circular layout. The bee looks like a heart as well - cool design.

De Inloopkast | Rotterdam

Use blackboard signs to stop passing traffic. You can be a bit tongue-in-cheek - 'You look sleepy - come get a double espresso' type thing.

Cómo crear una marca genial

Business infographic & data visualisation How to build a brand of awesomeness . Infographic Description How to build a brand of awesomeness - Infographic

Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Process - nice breakdown GREAT for teaching kids a Graphic design idea. Or great for me to remember during the wee hours of the morning.

****Forget the saying copying someone is a form of flattery I think it's annoying I can't stand bitches who need to have the same shit you have or need to do the same shit you do. If you cloud live with knowing you copy and none of your ideas are your own more power to you. id feel like an ass if my house looked like everyone else's. Sorry I'm to fabulous to be topped. Lol

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