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Armoire Aviary! Armoire Aviary! I had a friend who tried to do something like this.  It would have worked, but she kept cleaning it all the time!

DIY Armoire Aviary

The owner and creator of this armoire-turned-aviary didn’t always keep such an elaborate home for her birds. Her zebra finches were previously confined to a small cage with hardly any room to fly. So, using an old wardrobe as a starting point, the creator added support and turned the wardrobe into a beautiful aviary for her feathered friends…Documented on her blog “Empress of Creativity, ChinaMama began by reinforcing the armoire with vertical supports in each corner.

alfer.com something called combitech. Build your own whatever with aluminum framing pieces.  Pretty cool

New ideas with combitech®

Monitor table, Chicken run, Guinea pig cage, Bathroom rack, Coffee table, Towel holder, Wine rack, Dog box, Goal set

If i get a hedgehog, I'd like to make a cool cage with repurposed cabinet space

Foutje bedankt 404

hoi allemaal, Jullie weten waarschijnlijk wel dat ik mijn "villa la cavia" zelf gebouwd heb van een kindercommode,mijn man maakt hem altijd schoon en...

DIY Ferret Tunnel Wall... need to re think this one for my Python!!! clear tubes all over the house connecting her to a terrarium in each room?!?! HELL YES!

DIY Ferret Tunnel Wall

Create a play area for your ferrets on the wall near their cage! Cut several pieces of solid PVC pipe, drill holes along the front of each pipe and paint or decorate the pipes. Cut flexible plastic pi

Cage Accessories - Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue

Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue

Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue - Cage Accessories - Welcome to Whimsy's Menagerie and Chinchilla Rescue of Virginia Beach! Located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We provide a safe place for chinchillas who need a new and loving home. Available for "chinformation" too!

Rat Cabinet by Mod Mischief, via Flickr.  Fucking brilliant.  When I have a larger space and little lovies to share my life with again, I will make one of these.

Hutches make great rat houses | Offbeat Home & Life

Offbeat Homie and frequent contributor Allison just turned a thrift store hutch into a house for her rats! If YOU have pet rats, you'll want to check out this veritable rat palace, and perhaps get inspired to make one yourself.

The Ferret Nation Club - Page 142 - Chins & Hedgies

Ferret Nation cage, "The Beast"

Pretty sure a good portion of you have seen some of my work in the chinchilla ferret nation cage. If you haven't, here are some pics of my cage: I...

Indoor ferret enclosure :: i would want to put about four cages together instead, but this is a sweet idea. :]

My ferret enclosure!

2058 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

homemade ferret cage | New Homes Are Winners For Small Animals At Global Pet Expo

New Homes Are Winners For Small Animals At Global Pet Expo

The 2009 Global Pet Expo was held in Orlando, Florida last month and among the new products awarded were new digs for the category of "small animal pet products," those for ferrets, hamsters, and rabbits, chinchillas, and other, normally wild, small animals. Here are the top three winners in the category; they are all so neat!

DIY cage (multi-leveled) for Rats etc.                                                                                                                                                      More

How to build a Degu Cage

http://octodondegus.weebly.com/Visit the website for a much more detailed explanation on how to build a degu cage !Sorry for the stuttering...I am not used t...

telephone booth Ferret Cage Ideas | ferret cage 001

ferret cage 001

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