Muhammad Ridwan Putra

Muhammad Ridwan Putra

Indonesia / Halftime Pinner, Fulltime Sleeper | Light - Ceilings - Concrete - Silences | Architecture
Muhammad Ridwan Putra
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Wayfinding system fot the Portuguese airport Tiberfe.

Wayfinding system fot the Portuguese airport Tiberfe.

SOM : San Francisco International Airport – International Terminal Signage

The new International Terminal for San Francisco's airport serves as a powerful icon for both the airport and the city. In addition to designing the terminal, SOM Graphics developed the identity signage and wayfinding elements for the massive facility.

Logan International Airport Terminal E Signage | C&G Partners

The sign program for the international terminal at Boston's Logan Airport facilitates clarity with a refined system of custom pictograms and essential ty.

THERE | Forensics & Data Facility Centre

AFP strategic masterplanning, user circulation studies, establishing a signage hierarchy, wayfinding, icon suite creation and internal graphics.

Airport signage with the Frutiger font

Exhibition design about a prominent century typographer Adrian Frutiger. His biggest contribution to the world of typography was signs. Road signs and airport signs in several countries uses his typeface for its elegance and rapid-recognition.

Long Beach International Airport Signage | Hunt Design

Signage supporting airport expansion and remodel.