Paulo & Claudia Modern Wedding in Blue

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the bride and groom are standing in front of their wedding ceremony table with candles on it
the table is set with white flowers and place settings for an elegant dinner on the lawn
two chairs with flowers on them are sitting in front of a blue table cloth covered outdoor area
white flowers are in a glass vase next to a napkin on a table with water
an outdoor wedding reception with blue and white decor
tables and chairs are set up for a wedding reception in the grass with white flowers on them
there is a place setting with blue napkins and silverware on the plate,
a place setting with blue napkins and silverware
the centerpieces are filled with baby's breath flowers and hanging glass globes
the table is set with clear glass vases and white flowers in them for a wedding reception
two silver vases with white flowers in them
a bouquet of white roses sitting on top of a black table next to a stair case
a white table with flowers and pictures on it in front of a glass door at a wedding