Regan Setiawan

Regan Setiawan

Regan Setiawan
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castlevania castlevania: order of ecclesia konami laura (castlevania) hirooka masaki aspect ratio official art black hair blue eyes breasts cleavage fantasy female gypsy jewelry large breasts lips long hair necklace pirate solo

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia "Shanoa” by Masaki Hirooka

absurdres bare shoulders black hair blue eyes boots castlevania castlevania: order of ecclesia detached sleeves dress gothic highres hirooka masaki konami lips long hair official art shanoa simple background solo thigh boots thighhighs very long hair


Very distintive armour, arthur needs to have a lot going on with his whole body, syarmour patterned cloak. a man who looks like he may also be part of a religious order