It doesn't matter which sandy shore either. Just need lots of sun, sand and a small breeze!!

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Unless you are on a skateboard. Then the fall hurts and standing back up takes a long time. (Trust me, I know lol)

Things changes :)

There is a guy who I met last year,immediately he was the first person to talk to me! He is my best friend in the whole world now! My best friend last year and I slowly grew apart.just one year and my life is completely changed!

i wish getting over you was as easy as it was for you to walk away

At night I cry to sleep and in morning its difficult to wake up coz I have to face the reality that u r not there in my life.

Best way to live.

This is a good quote. You should exist to be happy, not to impress. Note: you don't need to impress me to make me happy. You make me happy just by being you.

Go on an adventure! Or go see the movie Laggies

“Say yes to new adventures. Adventure is out there, and Cairn will help you get there.