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Il coraggio non è la forza che ci spinge a saltare un ostacolo, ma l'energia che ci rimette in piedi dopo ogni caduta.

John's father dies, and he has no family at all. This is a picture of a boy and his father holding hands. This symbolizes the love and connection between families.

Even though we live in an era of unprecedented materialism and economic prosperity, depression is reaching epidemic levels. The World Health Organization predicts that depression will be the second most debilitating disease in the developed world by 2020. In other words, material wealth does not equal happiness.

sticks and stones can break your bones but names will forever haunt you. jus because people call u this things doesnt mean its tru! ur worth more than gold! They won't kill u

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Jan van Rymsdyk - from William Hunter's Anatomia uteri humani gravidi tabulis illustrata (The anatomy of the human gravid uterus exhibited in figures) - 1774