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Allah is the Best of Planners!  ❤️   #Islam #Muslims

Syukur alhamdulillah for everything. just when u thought life hits u so bad. thats when He bring lights to u. when u learnt to accept faith and let go. thats when you feel peace. becoz He indeed is listening and looking at you.


Six Ethics of life. these are so wonderfully thought provoking, and without doing them, the six things mean almost nothing.



Fall in love with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala first, and He will give you the right person at the right time.

Allah made unlawful sexual relations easy to obtain but marriage difficult to obtain. Be patient. And if you can't be patient, repent.

If you knew the love Allah has for you, you would cry an endless ocean.

Love from you, Allah. Without this love and spirituality, no rule or cultural norm, or custom, could ever convince me to abide. I choose this life to reciprocate the love you have given me.

Oh Allah You are the best of givers so give me the best :)

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