Pepes Ikan woku

Teach a Man to Fish: Pepes Ikan Woku (Manado Woku Spiced Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaves)

Tahu Isi

Indonesian Tofu and Tempe Madness: Fried Stuffed Tofu (Tahu Isi, Tahu Berontak, Gehu, Tahu Sumpel, Tahu Susur). My childhood snack!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This dish can be found in Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean and Vietnamese cuisine. Need to learn how to make this. I ate lots of it in Bangkok, so yummy!

Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda

Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda (Indonesian Green Papaya in Spiced Coconut milk with rice cake)