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The Sound of Your Voice

i miss your voice. i miss the air around you, so sweet, as you walked by. i miss not being able to breathe when i saw you. i miss the way the colors seemed brighter when you came into a room. i miss you.

I'm so glad you're apart of my life Sexy Cowboy! I'll always cherish the moments we spent together and all the wonderful memories we made. I love you!

I thought we had more time. But really, how blessed I was that over thousands of years on Earth our two paths crossed.Not a fluke or a mistake, just good old fashioned kindness, devotion and love. I will forever miss you.

Papa, we miss you so much.

I even miss you when you give me a hard time. I miss you calling my teeth nubs, because you're right. I miss everything we once had. I miss worship together. I miss bible study together. I miss your family. I miss us.

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Thats what I wanted and I was okay with being just friends but josh (ex bf) he messed it up he asked me out then broke up with me and it hurts so bad