The potatoes are made as potato patties or meatball with mixed with minced or corned beef, making it so delicious.

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Kranseng one Indonesian cuisine menu, have a specific color such as black derived from soy sauce and shrimp paste.

Menu Sop ribs can be a culinary tour like the one on the headland nut Riau Islands namely beef rib soup pack beard.

Beef ribs are very well known in culinary tourism. Warung beef ribs are very diverse and are quite expensive.

konro one soup is the main ingredient of beef ribs. judging the exact color of the gravy rawon.

The level of spiciness can be added by adding more cayenne pepper. because in this video uses only 3 cayenne pepper. Life of Riley oleh Kevin MacLeod berlise.

Resep BULGOGI Tanpa Biji Wijen Masakan KOREA - YouTube

If in korea there is bulgogi that use sesame, if in indonesia there stew of meat. Life of Riley oleh Kevin MacLeod berlisensi Creat.

Resep SEMUR DAGING - YouTube

Resep SEMUR DAGING - YouTube