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V | Taehyung

Happy in Korea) Birthday V(iking)! Although in America your birthday is on the you're in Korea so it's already the I hope you always stay happy and share your smile. I also hope you feel better from your nausea. We love you TaeTae!


Taehyung /// ohohoohoh V how sexy you look /coughslookatthosethighs


i just hate how everytime taehyung is a little quiet everyone is like "omo what happend?" or "Omo he's not acting like his weird Taehyung is growing up, people. The only reason why he makes those weird things is to make everyone smile.

Lol.. as if that will happen macro exo

Lmao i get itttt!XD -Kris eats chicken- *kris:chicken isnt my style* -Other stuff too- Omfg what is ur f'n style


EXO-M, Top (left to right): Kris, Luhan, Tao. Bottom (left to right): Lay…

Exo macro

keke well Chanyeol i have no idea why are you tall then your family isnt~ keke but Suho looks like he is shitting bricks in there kekeke~! His face is totally disappointed while D.O umma just try to think of an explanation~!