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Syahni erpa
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Welcome back to brush class. I get overwhelmed a little at the make-up specialty store. But fear not my friends, I have narrowed it down to these six: Just print out this cheat sheet and take it with you next time you’re in the market for new brushes.

Karimun Jawa, Indonesi

Karimun Jawa is an archipelago of 69 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, approximately 80 kilometres northwest of Jepara. The islands’ name means ‘a stone’s throw from Java’…


Manarola, Italy - My favorite town of Cinque Terre- It's in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy. A unique place called 'Cinque Terre ' (which means Five Towns literally and this is one of the town, they are right next to each other).