Sudirman Street near Bundaran HI, Jakarta, 1969

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Kassian Céphas Indonesia 1845-1912 'Young Javanese woman' c. 1885

Kassian Céphas Indonesia Young Javanese woman c. 1885 Albumen silver photograph x cm Collection National Gallery of Australia (via Art Blart)

INDONESIA. Independence. 1949. The harbor of Tanjong Priok. Dutch soldiers leaving for home. From Magnum Photos website.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jakarta Dutch soldiers leaving for home from the Tanjung Priok harbour, after the end of the Indonesian Revolution.

Tempo Doeloe #89 - Batavia, Pabrik Rokok Ant. Justman, 1909

scan of an old postcard This card shows the first cigarette factory in Indonesia. Anton Justman started his company before the year 1900 in this mansion-like building in Weltevreden, currently Jakarta. View Large On Black ?

Tempo Doeloe #33 - Sabang, 1912.Sabang was the place of birth of the (in)famous Dutch painter Anton Heyboer

Tempo Doeloe - Sabang, was the place of birth of the (in)famous Dutch painter Anton Heyboer