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Muhammad Reza
Muhammad Reza
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Sumi - Vagabond Illustration Collection Fictional account of the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi Artist: Takehiko Inoue

“Hiroshi Hirata is a Japanese manga artist best known in the United States for the samurai manga series Satsuma Gishiden. Hirata’s works belong to the subset of manga known as “gekiga” (“dramatic pictures”). He’s also known for his use of elaborate calligraphy for dialogue (he did the kanji for Akira), which has been preserved (though still translated) in the American editions of his work.“ (X)

Vagabond - Musashi Miyamoto by Takehiko Inoue

Hideki Mori's art (New Lone Wolf & Cub)

Bostadsrätt, Älvsborgsgatan 36 i Göteborg - Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri

Saint Cloth Myth EX Aquarius Camus (PVC Figure) Item picture3

Myth Cloth EX - Scorpion Milo EX

Saint Cloth Myth EX Cancer Deathmask