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Be the true believer of Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala & remain steadfast during most difficult situations.

[Infografis] - Penyakit Hati dalam Islam

The first in a series of essays that will no doubt provoke thought on what's in store for food, ag and R&D

It *never* fails, they will do it.  Don't lower yourself by tearing down someone else.  #gossip

He who gossips with you will gossip about you. If they talk about other people while with you, what do you think they do when you are not around?

Semoga bermanfaat.:) Yuk diFollow @menjadisalihah  Yuk diFollow @menjadisalihah

Semoga bermanfaat.:) Yuk diFollow @menjadisalihah Yuk diFollow @menjadisalihah

Islamic Calendar - going to use this as a reference to help us do the Islamic months sequencing. Also for kids to notice and see the Arabic writing, talk about different languages and begin to understand Arabic is an important language in Islam.