Dian Riesty

Dian Riesty

*♥*.*♥*…*♥.*..♥*…*♥* ████████████████100% ╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥ ╚╗╔╝║║♫═╦╦╦╔╗ ╔╝╚╗♫╚╣║║║║╔╣ ISLAM ╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝(❤‿❤)
Dian Riesty
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Men shouldn't say cooking and cleaning is a women's job only!!! That you prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for understanding

Gujarati loko pan aa ekdam sare ritey janey che (partytilfajr: “Bless you Malaysians for your Islamic Anime, God bless you.

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The best love is when you find someone who makes your imaan rise, who makes you more pious and who helps you here in the dunya because that person wants to meet you again in Jannah.alhamdulilah thats my hubby.

Use this guide for productive young muslims!

Youth is the prime age in the life of a person. It is a time when health, vitality, spirit and passion all are at their optimal and a person feels he or she can do everything and whatever they unde…