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i love you❤️

I love this, I don't think this is the only reason I fell in love with you but the little things definitely added up :)


We don't want to show all our emotions And it hardly means they aren't there or that we can handle things better. Good thing I'm Aquarius!

So true :)

Yeah I think about a lot of stuff. All are very weird and random. You would be scared if you could see inside my head. I like things organized, but my mind is just a huge mess of thoughts.

Zodiac Leo: The Temperamental Lion With A Heart Of Gold.

I am a Leo sign and my ex is also a Leo as well and this speaks so well of us both ha ha

Really true

Ain't that the truth. She knew what she was saying was right on the spot. I miss my Mom, My dear friend as well. She & I could and did talk about Everything. I love you My Mom, Miss you so much.