..Classy Hijabi Outfit Idea..

My favorite hijabi look of all time. Wish I could find a long cardigan in this…

Balenciaga black velvet evening gown, Winter 1967...Gorgeous, change the color BUT keep the details. Add sleeves that fit your wedding theme. Work with your seamstress to achieve this look for that ultimate bridal look.

Balenciaga black velvet evening gown, Winter I can't get enough of this gown. I think it's my favorite winter Balenciaga. It's in my top I gave the master his own board with some numbers.

Ma Lieb shop - Spring Oversized loose maxi dress linen long sleeved by MaLieb

【Fabric】 Cotton, linen 【Color】 Dark blue, dark red 【Size】 Shoulder / 16 " Bust / 41 Sleeve / 20 " Waist / length / 48 " Hem / 66 " Have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to help you.