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How to Make Soy Milk: Soymilk is very versatile and can be served sweet or salty. In China and Taiwan, soy milk with fried Chinese crullers or youtiao is a staple breakfast for many people.

Learn how to make soy milk with this easy soy milk recipe with step-by-step picture guide. Homemade soy milk recipe with soybeans and water.

The complete guide to alternative milks: Soya milk, Rice milk, Hemp milk, Almond milk. from Jamie Oliver

Non-dairy drinker? Our expert nutritionists bring you the low-down on alternative milks, including what's best for your morning latte and muffin(top).

Make Your Own Almond Milk and Almond Flour (for cheap and easy!) - via All Sorts of Pretty

DIY almond milk and almond flour. I've made almond milk in the blendtec but didn't realize I should save the pulp for flour. We drink almond milk every day. As soon as raw almonds are on sale I am stocking up again.