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How to create an avatar like a cartoon character | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - YouTube

Hello everyne, Today i will showing you how to make an avatar of yourself with Adobe Illustrator software. This is a useful tutorial if you want to create yo.

The Extensive Vector Elements Collection #vector #graphics

wedding portrait generator + make the couple look like any couple with any kind of skin tone, hair color & style, clothing style, accessories + wedding invitation + heraldry + couples portrait + wall art for home

Create a Summer Portrait From a Stock Image in Adobe Illustrator - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorial

In celebration of the hopefully milder, warmer weather, I'm going to show you how to create a portrait from a stock image, using summer colours, in Adobe Illustrator.

this picture has a light background and the other colours are quite darker this helps the picture that is up front stand out more, there is shadowing used on the jacket and some of the face, all the colours compliment each other and that is what makes this image effective. I think that most of this would have been done hand drawn on a drawing tablet.

Unlike raster-based images, vector images are infinitely scalable. From the photo-realistic to the abstract, vector art is as varied as any other medium of