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Ar-Rahim - The All-Merciful** One who recites this name seven times will be under Allah’s protection.

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Make beautiful dhikr at all times. Eventually it will be like a never-ending whisper in our hearts. I'm beginning to feel it.

Life Of My Heart — Home

Life Of My Heart — Home Remember we cannot do or achieve anything, it is Allah who decide's who succeeds and fails, all He does require is determination and perseverance. We have to try in order to succeed?

Glory be to the creator of the beauty that I see in this world today. SubhanAllah.

Islam is the truth. Islam is perfect. Islam is a complete way of life. The description of a TayyibaatWife is extracted from Islamic teachings.

Say !! Astaghfir Allah for the past, al hamdilah praise be to Allah, in sha Allah for the future!

Astaghfir Allah for the past, Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah, for the present, in sha Allah for the future!

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