Rina Tiana

Rina Tiana

Bandung / Ibu rumah tangga, 3 orang anak , pebisnis Oriflame, pemimpi yang penuh semangat
Rina Tiana
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Nutella Pops: Ingredients: 1 cup full cream milk cup Nutella Method: Step Gather all ingredients and popsicle moulds. Step Place the milk and Nutella in a blender and blend until thoroughly combined. Step Pour into a popsicle moulds. Step Freeze and serve


Chocolate Covered Kiwi Pops - a fun food craft activity for kids! Recently did this with bananas! YUMMM You freeze them and then dip them in melted chocolate! (Magic shell would work too)

Es seger, buat di simpan dulu biar gampang nyari

How-To: Gummy Bear Popsicles With Sprite. I love me some Gummy Bears but I don't drink soda at all. I'm going to do my own version and try this with maybe some Fresh, Organic, Lemonade instead of the sprite.

Kemarin menghadiahi diri sendiri sisir ini, langsung aja anak anak gadisku yang sholehah ikutan berebut pake sisir baru, padahal udah dikasih yang lama :D  Alhamdulillah

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Jalan kapal pinisi 5 no.

Skin care : How To Find Your Skin Tone ...... This infographic from fair and flawless shows you step by step how to find your skin tone. Once you’ve found it, you’ll then be able to determine what colors look best on you, and which you’d be better steering clear of......Kur <3 <3

Find Your True Skin Tone Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Lifestyle category. Check out Find Your True Skin Tone now!

What does 200 Calories Look Like? | For MORE TIPS and RECIPES please SIGN UP for our FREE NEWSLETTER www.NutritionTwins.com

Our infographic compares different food types and drinks of 200 calories. For example, for 200 calories you can expect to get 588 grams broccoli or 51 grams of gummy bears. There is obviously a huge difference there in terms of quantity.

Muslimah itu istimewa :)

Women In Islam: When she is a mother, Jannah (paradise) lies under her feet. When she is a wife, she completes half of the deen (religion) of her husband. When she is a daughter, she opens a door of Jannah for her father and brothers.