I would love this outfit and a trip to an ole southern city just to relax and go back in time ! sew old sweater sleeves onto a short sleeve shirt or a plain long sleeve.

black wool and casual fit.

EIleen Fisher: Loose mini-folds on loosely structured pants, and an asymmetrical drapey sweater.

Linen dress lavender color. love the headband ... wish i could wear one and not look silly.

Linen dress lavender colour with headband. Will start wearing these, love them and adds attitude.

Vintage Scarf Shirt DIY. Yes!

Vintage Scarf Shirt DIY Sewn Into Old Blue Jean Shirt. Great For Refashioning Company Logo Shirts

plaid skirt

Reserved for Johanne plaid taffeta skirt in shades of gray with fuchsia pinstripe



Here is a tutorial that takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It is a clever way to recycle your old tees to make headbands for your future workouts. Thes

A cool crib sheet, just for you.

15 ideal colour combinations to make you look great Combining the right colours is crucial for getting that perfect look. That’s why Bright Side decided to share this crib sheet.

パレオ 巻き方 タヒチアン ダンス ハワイアン マルチクロス 布 カバー

パレオ 巻き方 タヒチアン ダンス ハワイアン マルチクロス 布 カバー

カンガの使い方・巻き方 アフリカ布カンガ、キテンゲを楽しもう! アフリカフェ@バラカ アフリカ製品輸入元 卸 販売 株式会社バラカ

カンガの使い方・巻き方 アフリカ布カンガ、キテンゲを楽しもう! アフリカフェ@バラカ アフリカ製品輸入元 卸 販売 株式会社バラカ

Flannels, beanies, gray shirts, and skinny jeans, my favorite clothing items all in one picture

Black Skinny Jeans — Black Leather Backpack — Navy and Green Plaid Dress Shirt — Charcoal Crew-neck T-shirt — Charcoal Beanie