( is a sweet young jackfruit dish usually served with rice, egg, chicken, Tofu and Tempeh sambal and crunchy beef skin (Krecek)

Tahu Aci from Tegal, Central Java. It's a fried tofu, stuffed with tapioca flour, marinated garlic and chopped scallion. It's tasty and chewy!

Sate Komoh (Indonesian Spiced Beef Saté – East Java Style) in my article…. Home Cookin’ ! (Great Homes, Great Food!) …… This Must Be Just Like Living In Paradise, Bali, Indonesia

Tahu Gejrot - Indonesian traditional food : tofu salad mixed with tasty sauce

Porridge served with sweet curried jackfruit, chicken, eggs, tofu. The rice porridge is cooked with coconut milk!