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ririen nugroho

ririen nugroho
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Yes got over the sinus headache and true I'm a bad ass mom so keep throwing whatever life throws cause I always come out on top I just love my life and love being a mom

All mommas are bad ass moms! No other person can take that job title.only to the real moms!

Fighting with the subconscious mind instead of someone lacking insight in the situation is the Aquarius way. However, that's a lot of stress for one person, leading to the 'cold and heartless' part.

Yeah its happens sometimes or all the time and trust me its the worst feeling of being heartless its pain like grab your ♥ and brain from your body

lol wow who makes this shit?

It's Aquarius' are genius therefore can be evil geniuses. There I did the math for you.>> well I've been called Satan my whole life any way soo.

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Thats what I wanted and I was okay with being just friends but josh (ex bf) he messed it up he asked me out then broke up with me and it hurts so bad