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say the name SEVENTEEN | basically u wanna be taller but u still wanna be able to look up to bae

(This board is gonna be a bad idea) (acc my my boards are a bad idea) (what if I literally just had boards for ships cause that's all I look at) (fuck it)

Joshua pls.. let him.. just, yeah. XD

I can see why people think he's from Hawaii :) He would totally fit right in as a local. And yes, thank you Josh we do speak English but the native language is Hawaiian XD

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#wattpad #fanfiction Los sentimientos desparecen cuando las personas cambian Yo sigo siendo el mismo, tú jugaste tus juegos Y ahora no nos queda nada.   ➸Homosexual.  ➸Contenido explícito.  ➸Prólogo + 18 capítulos + epílogo + 2 extras ➸140416

I swear to god all of the descriptions are in bloody Spanish / Vkook