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Xiumin. EXO showtime

Exo showtime- haunted house ---Xiumin xD everyone "ghost" missed Xiumin

EXO Showtime

Haha exo's showtime ep 10 poor luhan 오빠, kyungsoo you're bad haha why you let this poor baby alone?

I love this! Shows the cheeky side of Baozi. Chen, Lay, Deer, Baozi EXO's SHOWTIME fanart

EXOM- Xiumin the evil mastermind

EXOTP Fanart <3 I don't ship everything on here, but it's still amazing!

EXOTP Fanart~ My fav ships: TaoHun, ChanBaek, Kaisoo & Krisho. Sadly I don't ship the others since I ship XiuHan & ChenLay