Your Faith Must Be Stronger Than Your Fear::Arabic quote with English translation.

Dream:  one day Insha Allah

Mera bhi yeh he dream hy Allah Pak pura karey ham sab ka yeh dream.

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Quotes إقتباسات … makes me think of my niece by miracle.

haye sadqe apke.

haye sadqe apke.

Ya ALLAH let me fall in love with someone  whose heart is attached to you ameen

Ya ALLAH let me fall in love with someone whose heart is attached to you.


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Quotes About Love For Him : halal love

#alhamdulillah  for everythingتكفى الجره على فمها/تمها، تطلع البنت لأمها +++  طلب العلمِ فريضةٌ على كلِّ مسلمٍ و مسلمة (محمد الأول)      ╬☪‴دكر ؟  والا نتايه ؟  نتايه  !  و آدى زبرى༺❀༻﴾﴿ﷲ ☀ﷴﷺﷻ﷼﷽ﺉ →ﻃﻅ‼ﷺ ◙ ❀.ankh (☥ unicode 2625 U)☾✫ﷺ搜索 ◙Ϡ ₡  ♕¢©®°❥❤�❦♪♫±البسملة´µ¶ą͏Ͷ·Ωμψϕ϶ϽϾШЯлпы҂֎֏ׁ؏ـ٠١٭ڪ.·:*¨¨*:·.۝۞۟ۨ۩तभमािૐღᴥᵜḠṨṮ‌‍‎‘†•‰‽⁂⁞₡₣₤₧₩₪€₱₲₵₶ℂ℅ℌℓ№℗℘ℛℝ™ॐΩ℧℮ℰℲ⅍ⅎ⅓⅔⅛⅜⅝⅞ↄ⇄⇅⇆⇇⇈⇊⇋⇌⇎⇕⇖⇗⇘⇙⇚⇛⇜∂∆∈∉∋∌∏∐∑√∛∜∞∟∠∡∢∣∤∥∦∧∩∫∬∭≡≸≹⊕⊱⋑⋒⋓⋔⋕⋖⋗⋘⋙⋚⋛⋜⋝⋞⋢⋣⋤⋥⌠␀␁␂␌┉┋□▩▭▰▱◈◉○◌◍◎●◐◑◒◓◔◕◖◗◘◙◚◛◢◣◤◥◧◨◩◪◫◬◭◮☺☻☼♀♂♣♥♦♪♫♯ⱥ

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I want this so romantic

I want this so romantic



Muslim couple

Muslim couple praying together

❤️❤️❤ ~Amatullah♥ ️

Inshallah I will find the perfect husband to share my life with who will help me become a better muslim and be with him in Jannah.

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muslims in their natural habitat (season 3 lool :D)(I myself LOVE painting)

Bulgarian hijabi

Bulgarian hijabi

#followmeto @kubrasozak  türban tasarım @sedasozak by bekirsozakphotographr

muslimweddingideasAww so sweet!

Ya allah just let me saw her once in my dream ❤ and let me see her in real life pls , there's nothing difficult to you ya allah listen to my du'aa ❤

Ya rabbi make this dream come true