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Rita Cerniglia
Ha know this would make a killer darth Vader helmet

Astromonkey by Cgstrive

Tobor is Robot spelt backwards; Tobor the Great, 1954 Vintage Robots, Retro Robot, I Robot, Sci Fi Fantasy, Fantasy Movies, Classic Sci Fi, Science Fiction Art, Mad Science, Retro Futuristic

1950's Movie Robots

Gort; The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 Robbie the Robot opposite co-star Anne Francis 1956 Forbidden Planet Gargo; Publicity sh...

Boston Dynamics robot has another name Handle. Handle has instead robotic Foot pair of wheels. The new robot is adapted to flatter terrain and illustrates in.

Introducing Handle

Handle is a research robot that stands 6.5 ft tall, travels at 9 mph and jumps 4​ ​feet vertically. ​It uses electric power to operate both electric and hydr...

Your New Coffee Clock Robot I think a robot project with my son is in order! A trip to the thrift store and an afternoon of craftiness!I think a robot project with my son is in order! A trip to the thrift store and an afternoon of craftiness!

Always time for coffee

Nam June Paik's John Cage Robot II at Crystal Bridges in Arkansas.

High Art in Arkansas: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

When we embarked on our journey to Bentonville, Arkansas, we were prepared for the unexpected—and that’s certainly what we got. We now understand why the art world is abuzz.

A pole-dancing robot built by British artist Giles Walker performs at a gentlemen's club Monday, January in Las Vegas. The event was held to coincide with CES International. (Photo by Jae C. Dancing Dolls, Pole Dancing, Las Vegas Strip, Dancer, Funny Pictures, Shit Happens, Children, Robots, Domo Arigato

The artist whose pole-dancing robots shocked CES is worried about where this is all going

NEWS: Stripper robots in Vegas

Ladies And Gentlemen Russia Has Created A Real Life Terminator 😲 Well, I guess it’s time for me to join the resistance. Russia’s space-bound humanoid robot FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration. Robot Humanoïde, Make A Robot, Drones, Combat Robot, Military Robot, Autonomous Robots, Humanoid Robot, Really Funny Pictures, Shooting Guns

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 A robotic mechanical arm looks as like a human hand. Cybernetic organism with Artificial Intelligence working with virtual Infographic HUD.

10 jobs that will be done by robots within a decade

If you’re thinking of these career fields, think again. The competition will be fierce — and non-human.

Making robots feel at home.

What do we look for in a ‘good’ robot colleague?

Making robots feel at home.