Rizky Ridwansyah

Rizky Ridwansyah

Rizky Ridwansyah
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Trafalgar Law Signature by MrShKoDrA

Trafalgar Law Signature by MrShKoDrA ---- I'm kinda sensing a Kid vibe in the red part of this fanart. Am I going crazy here?

Straw hat crew - One Piece I find this image to be the perfect represantiton of what the strawhat pirate's are: without one of them, doesn't matter who, their symbol wouldn't be complete

If you lose credibility by just admitting fault, then you did not have any in the first place. Like Our Page for One Piece Collections and Discount Offers!

Creepy Brook by hyrohiku.deviantart.com on @deviantART

An individual fanart of Brook from One Piece, I was accidentally left him out from my previous OP fanarts. Many people asked me where & Brook? The artwork .

#OnePiece #Sea #Pirates <3

This would make a wonderful tattoo. How about some of us OP fans get this ("Everyone is a child of the sea") to identify ourselves because this is basically the entire plot of OP.