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"Fast" (as in fasting, not fast quick :D) Cure for Depression by Dr Bilal Philips of Islamic Online University. ~ In sha Allah it works when one wants it to, and do it (successfully) with Allah's Grace & Mercy & Help.

Subhan'Allah ***Why Muslims prefer to use Allah(SWT) over using God.

Subhan'Allah ***Why Muslims prefer to use Allah(SWT) over using God. Don't forget to use a capital 'A' when writing "Allah "

Islamic Prayer Guide Fajr Salah (In the Christian belief, all ritualistic prayers and sacrifices along with the need for a priest as a mediator were removed once the veil was torn. This all seems so legalistic. I think the closest thing that comes to this ritualism is when we take communion, even at that, it is a symbol, not a specific command as to when it must be done or how often it must be done. Simply, when we do it, do it in the remembrance of Christ)

As a Moslem, start you day with subuh prayer, seek for God blessing and forgiveness .

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