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See What the Guys of One Direction Look Like Covered in Tattoos | Twist

The guys of One Direction have collected tons of tattoos โ€“ well, all except for the un-inked Niall Horan โ€“ but we wondered how different the guys.

Liam Payne

You imagine in After Liam spends to much time with Harry and starts getting tattoos and ends up looking like this

punk edit harry styles :o <<<< holy swear. O.o guys I think I just stopped functioning

punk edit harry styles :o <<<< holy swear.o guys I think I just stopped functioning<<<<i forgot how to breathe for a minute there

....Why....Tommo....Why do you have to be so sexy...And so are you Daddy.... Errrggghhhh.. #DirectionerProblems

I love the punk edits, I really do, but I love our regular boys better sorry guise

if he ever does that i will never stop loving him<3

(Open RP) *i had just gotten home and laid down on the couch and was falling asleep. A knock came in the door and I stood up and opened the door to find (y/c) shaking and crying* Help me.