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Chemistry Life Hacks (Vol. 1) - Everyday Reactions: This volume includes adding salt to coffee, ripening bananas with tomatoes, saving stale cookies with bread, and cleaning iron with Coke.

I love this new web series, Reactions, from the American Chemical Society. In the first episode they offer several chemistry lifehacks, including one that can make bitter coffee drinkable and another to ripen bananas fast.

Our chemistry and physical science students often struggle with the concept of "moles." They can recite the textbook definition, but still have trouble visualizing the size of a mole. This mole lab uses everyday items to give students a better understanding of the size of a mole. Check out this blog post for more information.

Lab for Physical Science or Chemistry Students in Grades Lab: How Big is a Mole? Give your students the extra practice they need to master the mole concept and conversion problems that involve moles and molecules.

Free Lab for any Science Class.  Use of Lab Equipment and Data Analysis Skills.  Can be used in both middle and high school classes.

This lab covers the proper use of basic pieces of lab equipment and the data analysis skills of tabling and graphing. This lab can be used with any type of science class that does lab work and with students in grades 6 through

Tube Toy: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity!

This would be cool to do around Christmas {Tube Toy: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity!