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Maa Durga - Anyone knows what this particular Swaroop of Maa is called?

Maa Chandi is the total energy of universe. By doing Chandi Homa once a year one can become a free from evil eyes and get supremacy power to fulfill all desire.

Ma Kali -- The one you are seeking is also seeking you.

Join us on the New Moon at Yogini Ashram to honor the divine feminine through mantra, flower offerings to Maha Kali, and a fire meditation. The new moon is known universally as a symbol of rebirth and

hinducosmos:  Nav Durga, The Nine forms of Goddess Durga  The 9...

Nav Durga, The Nine forms of Goddess Durga The 9 names of Maa Durga are: Maa Shailputri Maa Brahmacharini Maa Chandraghanta Maa Kushmanda Maa Katyayani Maa Kalratri Maa Siddhidatri Maa Skandmata Maa Mahagauri