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an old fashion store with flowers and plants in the front window, surrounded by potted plants
The Florist Shop Art Print by Karen Lewis
a room filled with white shelves next to each other
The end results of creating the tables room :-) | Antique booth ideas, Furniture, Decor
Amazing & Out of the Box Shop/Booth Idea for what is normally very boring spaces. Love it! Table Shelving
two white pedestals sitting on top of a table next to each other with the words diy pedestals above them
DIY Pedestals for Displaying Objects
DIY Pedestals tutorial, These are so easy and affordable! Can use/adapt for a variety of rooms & projects
three panel room divider with perfored panels
SSWBasics 5 Foot 4-Panel Pegboard Display - Accepts 1/8" Diameter Peghooks -
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table covered in earrings and earring hooks
This is a really neat idea to hang earrings from. On top of a dresser or if you have a fabulous actually designed walk-in closet. You could hang little hooks on it too, for necklaces and bracelets. Just paint or paper an antique lamp base and the basket on top to match the room decor. Not only do you have quick and easy access to your jewelry so you're not digging through drawers. But you can show them off and make them part of the room.
an info sheet with instructions on how to use the craft fair checklist
What to Bring to a Craft Fair Printable Checklist
What to Bring to a Craft Fair | Craft Fair Checklist | Art Market Tips and Tricks | Pop Shop America - We're a Festival of DIY & Handmade
an old door is decorated with stickers and magnets to keep things organized in
Use a Screen Door for an Organizer, Room Divider, or Craft Show Display
Belle & Beau Antiquarian: Use a Screen Door for an Organizer, Room Divider, or Craft Show Display