Jorrit- When he had that look on his face, it was like the walls fell and the only thing left were  the wires. A map of multicolored roads criss-crossing, almost impossible to navigate by anyone else

CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk sings "Star" for 'Heartstrings' OST

kang min hyuk || when the f did this boy get so muscular and sexy...I remember back when he was in heartstrings and he was just the cutest thing I'd ever seen I was so in love with him and now he's hot as shit not to mention a bomb ass, drummer, singer, and actor

160107 Kang Minhyuk for HIGH Cut Magazine No. 165 January Issue Kang Min Hyuk exposes the virile beauty in ‘High Cut’ pictorials!

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Slay Min-Hyuk

Omo omo Minhyuk-ah! Say it boo, say it! Augh, too much respect for these men I tell you.

The sexiest and handsome-st drummer boy I love so much.

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