vanilla ice - add to coke, root beer, etc

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Cubes – use in everything from coke for vanilla coke to iced coffee or tea. The options are limitless – gives a creamy vanilla taste to whatever it’s in. “Ice, ice, baby…” so bad.

Infused ice cubes - if you boil the water before you pour it in to the tray the cubes will come out clear. Great for iced teas or lemonades!

Thinking of a way to dress up your cocktails for your party? How about fruit and herb infused ice cubes? Use mint, raspberries or even rosemary to give your signature cocktail that extra kick!

Sweet Snow Cone Station

Trend Alert: Snow Cones with a Twist. Snow Cone Station with Mojito, Peach Daiquiri, Cosmo & Margarita cocktail syrups. ~The Wedding Insiders

real fruit popsicles!

These homemade sliced fruit popsicles are the ultimate summer treatrefreshing, healthy and easy to make! Gather up some of your favorite fruits, slice em up and layer them in a popsicle mold. Pour in some Capri Sun fruit punch, insert a popsicle stick

Frozen Vodka

Wedding Reception Bar Decoration A bottle of icy vodka makes a dramatic bar decoration when it's encased in a frozen layer of colorful flowers and fruit. Frozen Vodka How-To

fruit ice cubes

Fruit ice cubes: with mint or berries or lemon inside frozen for colorful clear pretty drinks

flavored ice cubes

Fruity Ice Cubes

Turn regular water from BLAH TO TADA! with some fruity ice cubes! Free tutorial with pictures on how to make ice cubes in under 5 minutes by cooking with water, mould, and fruit.

Edible flowers in Ice cubes

floral ice cubes, just perfect for entertaining boho style . via-butterfly-diaries: DIY Floral Ice Cubes

Dip strawberries in yogurt, freeze and you get this amazing snack. Great idea! - Such an easy snack!

Afternoon Snack: Dip Strawberries in Yogurt & Freeze, and You Get This Amazing Snack

Yogurt-Dipped Frozen Strawberries “Dip strawberries in yogurt, freeze and you get this amazing snack.” May need to repeat dipping in vanilla greek yogurt to get a good coating. Great idea for after workout snack!

Frozen Banana Bites

Dessert Frozen chocolate-peanut butter banana bites: 2 large bananas to cup vegan chocolate chips to cup natural peanut butter Unsweetened coconut flakes