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some pink flowers are hanging from a metal planter with green leaves on the wall
Intra-generic Orchid-hybrid: Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Anne ‘Buckleberry’ (Bulbophyllum longissimum x Bulbophyllum rothschildianum)
a bunch of flowers that are in a vase
April 2005
Tulip-orchid: Anguloa x acostae ‘Marsh Hollow’ - Winner of Year 2003 American Orchid Society Butterworth Prize for Best Culture - Grown by Glen and Heather Alm; Photograph by Michael MacConail
an orange and yellow flower on top of green moss
Bulbophyllum thaiorum (Thailand/Vietnam)
some very pretty orange flowers in the middle of it's blooming stems and petals
yellow fringed orchis, platanthera ciliaris
Yellowish-orange Fringed-orchid: Platanthera ciliaris - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a plant with red flowers and green leaves in a black vase on a table top
Cymbidium Fire Village var ezan merlot | Cymbidium Fran Shigeno 'Light' Plant Cymbidium Gladys Whitesell
a close up of a plant on the ground with moss growing around it's base
Corysanthes despectans (Coast Helmet Orchid)
Coast Helmet-Orchid: Corysanthes despectans - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the flowers are starting to bloom on the plant
Maxillariella densa
two white flowers with green stems on a black background and one flower has long, slender petals
Masdevallia purpurescens
Masdevallia purpurescens - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the flowers are blooming and ready to be opened
Catasetum gardneri
Catasetum gardneri - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an illustration of some plants with red and yellow flowers
Edwards' botanical register, or, Ornamental flower-garden and shrubbery .. : Edwards, Sydenham, 1769?-1819 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Edwards' botanical register, or, Ornamental flo... Maxillaria
a green flower with brown spots on it's petals in the grass, surrounded by other plants
Orchid pollination and fungus mimicry
A rare species of lady’s slipper orchid (Cypripedium fargesii) grows black spots that look like a fungus and the flower produces fungusy odors thus attracting a fungus-feeding fly to transfer pollen...don't think I want to smell this one!
the flower is white and yellow in color
Restrepia dodsonii Xanthinoides
Miniature-orchid / Micro-orquidea: Restrepia dodsonii Xanthinoides - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an image of flowers that are blooming in different colors and sizes, including orchids
some white flowers with brown stripes on them
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum
yellow flowers are blooming in the garden
Orange fringed Orchis 3
˚Orange Fringed Orchids
a pink flower with white stamens and green leaves
Porroglossum josei #orchids
a close up of a flower on a plant with long stems and flowers in the middle
Bulbophyllum lemniscatoides
Bulbophyllum lemniscatoides
an orange flower that is blooming in the dark
Dendrobium unicum
Explore thomas_orchids photos on Flickr. thomas_orchids has uploaded 1433 photos to Flickr.
a potted plant with green flowers in it on a gray background, next to another plant
Catasetum expansum
a close up of a flower on a plant
Corybas diemenicus - Stately Helmet Orchid
Stately-Helmet-Orchid: Corybas diemenicus -
pink and white flowers are blooming in the garden under a tented area for shade
Schomburgkia exaltata - From Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico
two white and red flowers with green leaves in front of a dark background, one is blooming
Vanda suavis x vanda cristata
Vanda suavis x Vanda cristata - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
some very pretty flowers hanging from the side of a plant
Liparis lacerata orchid
a close up of a plant with white flowers
Catasetum barbatum 'Fishing Creek'
National Capital Orchid Society 66th annual show & sale at Behnke Nurseries Catasetum barbatum 'Fishing Creek' | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
small pink and yellow flowers are growing on a mossy tree branch with green leaves
Orchid: Schoenorchis manipurensis - Found in the state of Manipur, India, at elevations of 750 to 1000 meters as a mini to miniature-sized, hot to warm-growing epiphyte.
a blue flower with water droplets on it's petals and the buddings
Thelymitra lucida - Glistening Sun Orchid
Glistening Sun-Orchid: Thelymitra lucida - by Macro Orchids Tasmania
two pink and white flowers on top of green mossy ground with leaves in the background
Miniature Orchid Bulbophyllum frostii
the flowers are starting to open up on the plant
Phloeophila similis - Found in southern Brazil to Misiones Argentina as a miniature-sized epiphytic orchid.
purple and white orchids with green leaves in the background
Dendrobium - Orchidee - Tecniche di coltivazione e principali specie dell'orchidea Dendrobium
Dendrobium - Orchidee - Tecniche di coltivazione e principali specie dell'Orchidea Dendrobium
a purple and white flower with green leaves
Spotted-Lady's-Slipper: Cypripedium guttatum
small green plants with purple flowers growing out of the ground in front of black background
Pleurothallis segregatifolia, 4mm flowers
Pleurothallis segregatifolia, 4mm flowers
a plant hanging from a wire with flowers in it
Gongora horichiana
a close up of a white flower on a plant
Caladenia picta, by Tony Pterostylis, via Flickr
some yellow and red flowers are in a pot
Dendrobium (ira aussie 'Darlington' x zip imperial) x spec. Windermere
a close up of a flower with red and yellow petals
Lady Slipper Orchid, genus Paphiopedilum
Lady Slipper Orchid, genus Paphiopedilum by LadyDragonflyCC
three orange flowers with water droplets on them in front of a black background that looks like they are floating
Pleurothallis/ Orbis truncata
Orchid: Pleurothallis / Orbis truncata - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the green flowers are blooming on the plant
Clowesia dodsoniana
Orchid: Clowesia dodsoniana - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a close up of a flower on a plant with blurry grass in the background
Calochilus paludosus - Strap Beard Orchid
**Strap-Beard-Orchid: Calochilus paludosus - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a close up view of the center of a plant with drops of water on it
Green Adder's-mouth Orchid
We dropped by Grayson Highlands State Park in southwestern Virginia in hopes of finding Malaxis unifolia in bloom. This is a very small native orchid with tiny flowers, so it is easily overlooked (the entire flower head at this stage of flowring was about as wide as a quarter). After several minutes of searching in what looked like promising habitat we located four orchids that were just beginning to bloom. This is a dorsal view of the developing flowers.