The Best Ideas of Low Ceiling Designs Solutions : Modern Interior Decoration Living Rooms With Low Ceiling Designs Solutions

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Spanish Style A Gorgeous Living Room from Nuevo Estilo It's no secret that I am a huge proponent of anything Spanish.

Million Dollar Decorators Season 2 Starts November on Bravo

Architect Duilio Damilano’s design for the contemporary Maison De La Lumiere was borne of two objectives – to steer clear of the predictable, stereotypical

La Dolce Vita: Sponsor Spotlight: La Nova Tile {Residential Project by La Nova Tile} La Nova Tile is Houston’s premiere source for mid to high end

Floating Beds John Huff, the inventor of the Floating Bed thought, “What would the ideal bed look like, feel like, and what benefits would it provide?” What features would make everyone really LOVE their bed?

I was going through some of my old files and found these photos of Sofia Coppola’s 2008 ad campaign for the bags and shoes she designed for Louis Vuitton. The bags seemed typical LV to me.