Keris Luk 3 Patrem Jangkung

Kris Patrem Jangkung from Java-Indonesia estimated in century.

The kris or keris is an asymmetrical dagger or sword most strongly associated with the culture of Indonesia, but also indigenous to Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Brunei. It is known as kalis in the southern Philippines. The kris is famous for its distinctive wavy blade (luk), but many have straight blades as well. The numbers of luksis always odd numbered, ranged from three to thirteen waves, however there are also luks that reach 29. A kris can be divided into three…

In UNESCO gave the title Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the kris of Indonesia. In return, UNESCO urged Indonesia to preserve their heritage.


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Kris Dagger    Dated: 20th century   Culture: Balinese (Indonesia)  Medium: iron, bone, silver  Measurements: full length ~ 47.5cm  Balinese Kris dagger with corrugated bog iron blade, with stone and filigree encrusted Selut. Intricately carved bone handle. The wrangka and sheath leg have four silver ribbons.

The Caravana Collection – Indonesia / Malaysia

Keris Luk 13 Sengkelat

Keris Sengkelat from Java-Indonesia estimated in century.

Kris Dagger Made of Iron Wood

Kris Dagger Made of Iron Wood

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