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아틈의 새로운 강사, 백원신[고구마루] 님의 수강생을 모집합니다!

백원신[고구마루]concept artist/illustrator ▶ 홈페이지▶ 페이스북www.face...

Lyna's garden - project - Signa, Alexis Rives

It's about the 5th Year final project from Supinfogame. The objective, create a game demo. So here is the first step of the project. I would talk about later when it will be more advanced. The only think I can say, it's a beat'em all -3D,

Be Kind to Yourself

did my first DND session with @swahak and @thecoiledfool a while ago, with my Warforged Monk, Bink! I’m starting to develop her character more, and I have a feeling that I’ll be drawing a lot of...

Li., Zhuoxin Zang

The test for Creative Destruction

Hellbat Schilt

"Kekeke! The first lesson a gentleman must learn in refinement is... Intruders are to die without a fuss!" Hellbat Schilt, Mega Man Zero 3 Hellbat Schilt (ヘルバット・シルト, Herubatto Shiruto), known as Devilbat Schilt in the North American version, is one of the bosses of Mega Man Zero 3, a Mutos Reploid based on a bat that was originally created as a reconnaissance unit. He is one of the Eight Gentle Judges that was modified by Dr. Weil as one of the Weil Numbers. He doesn't get along with Blazin'…